About you

'High-functioning' explains the sort of behaviours that lead to high performance and extraordinary results.

You are

Genuinely motivated by striving for exceptional levels of performance. That makes you unusual for starters.

Interested in personal growth and development, and that of the people you lead and work with.

Attracted to the idea of high support and high challenge within your work and life. Or you are at least a believer in this approach as a possibility.

You and I share something

My passion is helping leaders, teams, and organisations to become high-functioning. I believe high-functioning explains the sorts of behaviours that lead to high performance and extraordinary results.

High functioning leadership behaviours looks like

The sort of self-awareness that enables you to manage your ego and its defences.

The confidence and capacity to step into brave conversations rather than avoid them.

The humility, courage and curiosity to deeply explore your own perceptions and those of others.

The capacity to hold a bigger world view and a greater bandwidth for human experience.

A knowledge base that can draw appropriately on linear and emergent approaches.

A mindset that engages with challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.

Better results and better experiences

My experience both as a leader and leadership developer, is that it is entirely possible to get better results while having better experiences with people along the way. In fact it is the key to high-performance.

What leader or team doesn’t want that?