Team Development

The critical factor for high performing teams is to have enough trust between them to allow for the adult conversations required to address the challenges they face. Despite their individual and collective expertise, success is contingent upon the quality of their relationships and their communication.

We all perceive the world differently. Navigating the landscapes of power, position, politics, personality and preference can be a minefield. No wonder communication can be problematic.

The nature of team development is to: help members understand and appreciate more about themselves and others, in a way that leads to establishing and maintaining the trust required, to have the multitude of conversations that underpin success; to broaden perspective and embrace diversity so that teams might access more and better options for progress; to connect members in a way that enrolls a collective, committed contribution towards achieving agreed goals.

Typical engagement

The initial consultation establishes a shared understanding and brief for the work, and most importantly a willingness to engage. The offsite programme makes use of a comprehensive knowledge base in organisation dynamics, communication and leadership psychology delivered in simple and useable ways. Utilising the learnt tools and models, practice sessions  support the team to work together on current issues.

The follow up work supports individuals on their personal development, and on positively impacting the team and organisational goals.




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