Leadership Training

Accessing a knowledge base accumulated over 20 years of practice, research and study, mattlock offers training in three broad leadership areas:

Understanding people:

Relating behavioural and humanistic psychology in simple and useful ways, and providing deep insight to character structure and personality.

When we take the time to understand and appreciate others, and ourselves, and have tools for adapting and connecting with people, the outcomes we impact are greatly increased.

Conversational intelligence:

Constructing effective conversations with emotional intelligence and understanding the science of communication.

We all have unique worldviews constructed through the lens’ of our personality and experiences. Our differing perceptions cause reality-gaps that push us in a direction of either avoidance or connection with others. The leadership imperative is to connect, so leaders need to be effective communicators with insight to what is at play on an emotional, neurological and psychological level. Leaders also benefit from having greater access to a range of conversations that support trust, partnering and making things happen.

Organisation dynamics:

Broadening and deepening knowledge of how to lead, manage and coach complexity, tension and change.

Referencing a Living Systems approach to organisation dynamics this field of work provides leaders with models to more comfortably navigate, and provide direction, in the often-chaotic territory in which they operate.


Sample programmes

I provide training in three main formats:




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