Leadership coaching

Helping you build stronger relationships, master communications, and see the world in more productive ways.

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Team development

Helping teams build stronger relationships, master communication, and collaborate on delivering value.

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Team and individual learning using proprietary knowledge and the Propeller model of development.

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Who's this for?

Senior leaders

Senior people with executive roles, and responsibility for leading teams and functions.

Rising stars

Technicians and experts with growing leadership and line management responsibility.

Leadership teams

Teams tasked with the strategic responsibility of organisation success.

Operational teams

Teams tasked with delivering operational results and driving organisation performance.

What's different?

- Coaching-led
- Propeller approach 
- Confidence building
- Coaching-in-motion
- Lean learning
- Flexible engagement


Lean learning

Just enough theory and learning focused on your real challenges. I keep it relevant and immediately applicable.


Team development is Coaching-led. Progress is accelerated by working individually and as a group.


Your work is dynamic, so is my coaching. I’ll meet you where you are, both in terms of what’s current and time availability.