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What some clients have said...


Amanda Henderson

Global Learning & Development Manager - Howden

"Matt is an accomplished coach, facilitator and expert in his field. I engaged Matt to develop and deliver a coaching fundamentals programme to a senior audience with varying levels of coaching experience.  Matt used a variety of methods to ensure people learned what they needed to and I found his knowledge, skill, enthusiasm and determination to succeed invaluable. A real team player and great fun to work with, the evaluation scores were excellent. Whether you want to implement a sustainable coaching programme in your organisation or help individuals reach their potential, I would fully recommend Matt."


James Davidson
Co Founder & CEO at

“In working with Matt I have found him to be incredibly insightful about how my personality preferences and those of others affect our interactions in the workplace, and very effective in providing practical advice on how better to manage specific relationships.  His approach is also powerfully authentic; in training he uses many personal examples, the sharing of which helps illustrate points in a very compelling way.”


Mark Stuart
Director of Airport Operations at Highlands and Islands Airport

"Matt’s guidance and insight has certainly helped in terms of my ability to deal with, and to think differently with regard to how to treat various work and domestic challenges as they arise.  The main success from our work together has come in applying a slightly different perspective to meet these challenges and balancing the response to the different audiences. Matt has a manner which pushes and presses the necessary buttons to elicit a response whilst gaining trust and developing a strong coach/client relationship.  The techniques and approaches discussed have become well embedded behaviours."


Eva Gubern Anfruns
AD Partner Manager & Bss Development at Celgene

"Matt is a great professional and an extraordinary person. There are few people in the professional field that are willing to share their weak points in order to teach you how to share yours. He will challenge you to grow and develop, moving from professional to personal arenas if needed, making you feel you are always in the hands of a competent professional coach that genuinely has your best interests at heart."


Dorothy Roberts

Swimming Programme Manager - Scottish Swimming

“Matt came to work with us for our annual staff away day. His delivery across the day was by turns informative, fun, insightful and imaginative and culminated in a powerfully effective session which enabled people to move from how they see themselves to an understanding of how their colleagues perceive them without feeling vulnerable or ill-at-ease with the process.”


Claire Morrison

Performance Coach at GB Boccia

“I have had a great period of time working with Matt in his role as a personal coach. His skills at asking the right questions at the right time allowed me to explore avenues I didn't know existed. This has helped me understand myself much better which in turn allows me to impact on my role and life much better. A relaxed environment with a great intensity that meant every session I came away with more learning.”


Brian Chandler

Joint Director at KIRBY VENTURES

“There's not much that Matt can't turn his hand to, and deliver what's needed. But there's one thing he does better than anyone - discovers the 'elephant in the room' and then uncovers it in a way that all sides can accept. If I had a tricky situation to deal with, I'd want Matt at my side.”


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