Getting you out of the way of you

Published on September 20, 2018

We bump into ourselves all the time without realising that we do. Early in life we get a game together that supports both our safety and success. Over time the patterns of these strategies become embodied in our muscle (muscular armoury) and form the pathways of our behaviour (psychological armoury). In a sense our bodies become an avatar for the expression of our character structure through the patterns of our personality.

Our personality patterns both serve us and hold us prisoner. On a good day we access the gifts and strengths afforded us through years of playing to our strong suits. On a bad day our over-played strengths can become weaknesses, and we suffer these pitfalls in the form of relationship difficulties and misguided approaches. Often we are blind to what is really going on.

When we have a map for understanding Character Structure we can more successfully manage ourselves and interact with others. The 5 Character Structures (5CS) is just such a map. 5CS is not a typology but rather offers insight into why people think, act and react in the way they do. It provides knowledge and resources for staying present in our gifts, and escaping the prison of our patterns. In short it helps to get you out of the way of you for better results and a more fulfilling experience.

If 5CS sounds interesting to you there is free download on this website in the 'Our approach' section where you can discover a little more. Or get in touch to explore how we might work together on getting you out of the way of you.

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Photo by AndriyKo Podilnyk on Unsplash

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