Towards Safer Uncertainty: Contents

In the first 70 days of lockdown I posted 15 articles on building resilience and navigating:

  • Uncertainty

  • Change

  • Impermanence

  • A lack of control

  • The unknown

It feels like it’s time to share some reflections and add to the story. It also feels more relevant than ever as peoples changing circumstances unfold.

Most of the articles offer tools, resources and coaching activities to help you on the journey.

  1. Towards Safer Uncertainty: Contents

    This list provides a suggested reading order, or a shortcut to finding what’s useful and relevant to you right now.

  2. Toward Safer Uncertainty

    This article provides a background and introduction to Towards Safer Uncertainty (TSU).

  3. Towards Safer Uncertainty revisited

    This article concisely explains the concepts and framework of TSU.

  4. Next tier leadership

    This article is about how TSU helps describe the attributes, behaviours, and capacity of next tier leadership. The sort of leaders and leadership we need now.

  5. Observations from 2020

    This one’s a thought (and opinion) piece on TSU, and how it fits with life and leadership.

  6. 7 mindset positions of moving towards safer uncertainty

    This one explores 7 mindset positions that help you move towards safer uncertainty. It provides helpful TSU mindset questions for leaders and teams.

  7. Maybe not, maybe so, we’ll see

    This one’s about reality checking the stories you’re telling yourself, and provides coaching questions to get you closer to a more useful, and realistic ‘reality’

  8. Noise in the system

    This ones about considering your relationship with tension, and the suggestion that tension is a useful guide. It offers a stakeholder mapping activity for focusing your energy and attention at work.

  9. Has your cheese moved?

    Has something big changed in your world? This is an article about adapting to change quickly, and saving yourself a lot of suffering by doing so.

  10. Why you feel like you’re losing it

    This one helps you understand the emotional journey of change. How to better be with it, and how to help others navigate it.

  11. The Hero’s journey

    This article helps you recognise that significant learning in your life is usually characterized by difficult experiences. And that development of this nature, is cyclical.

  12. Flexible identity

    This article explores how having a flexible identity allows you to change and grow more easily. It helps you explore your attachments.

  13. The ego is dead. Long live the ego

    This one’s about consciously creating safety through deepening your knowledge of yourself and others. It introduces ideas about how your ego is working for you, and against you.

  14. Rudder in the storm - Part 1

    Part 1 of a 2-part on how knowing your purpose helps ground you. This one’s about finding your purpose in a big-picture-meaning-of-your-life kind of way.

  15. Rudder in the storm - Part 2

    Part-2 of a 2-part on how knowing your purpose helps ground you. This one’s about focus and action in a day-to-day kind of way.

  16. Body based wisdom

    This ones about being curiously awake to your thoughts, feeling and behaviours. It provides guidance on how to access your feelings and intuition for important information.

  17. What place does death have in your life?

    An article about facing into unknown fears, and considering the world that might open up if you did so.

  18. Response-Ability. It’s up to you.

    This article is about choosing to respond rather than react. It’s about how your life will work better when you do.

  19. Seeking diversity is a success imperative

    This is an article about the relationship between diversity, intelligence, and leadership success. It provokes some thinking about what gets in the way of listening to each other.

  20. Note to self

    This one’s about the power of now and how everything else is an illusion. Through the distorted lens of comparison, it might just help you connect to what matters to you.

If you would benefit from some help with developing your safer uncertainty practice, get in touch.



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