A new way to measure leadership

Two performance metrics for HR, L&D and People Directors to consider with the leaders in their organisations.

Published on January 17, 2020

Arguably two factors matter more than any others in developing high performing teams and organisations. Firstly that relationship currency [trust] is fundamental to making progress in your business. The second is that without the confidence to step into high value conversations (some of them difficult), very little will shift. The second is inextricably linked to the first.

Trust is an experienced based decision. It's widely recognised that trust is the most important ingredient within high performing teams. That's not new information, but consider what it actually takes to develop and maintain trust. If we all went about our work actively building 'trust accounts' with each other, what would improve with our various interactions? What might we have to re-visit and repair to build trust? How might communicating from solid ground accelerate progress? Trust comes with time, truth telling, honest feedback, apologies, sharing, delivering, and above all else, being there for each other. It's a dynamic and ongoing commitment that benefits from some help and encouragement.

Confidence is often the missing and most important factor in executive development. While expanding one's knowledge is important, it is meaningless in an organisation context, without application. Given the availability of knowledge and insight across various platforms, we need to get a lot more focused on learning translating into application. Leaders are paid to make things happen, often through people. Increasingly what I am most interested in is helping leaders figure out what they need to do, what conversations are required to do it, and then building confidence by stepping into it.

Measuring positive shifts in trust between leaders and their capacity for stepping into high value conversations, could be very useful and useable metrics. At the very least, a focus on these two factors would lead to productive conversations.

With a new year underway, have you thought about how you are going to help your organisation get the best from its leaders and their teams in 2020? If you would like some help making your contribution count in 2020, here are some ideas for developing trust and confidence in your organisation:

Individual development

Flexible multi-channel coaching and development for leaders looking for outstanding results. 15, 20 and 30-hour Coaching-in-motion packages.

Team days

The 5 Character Structures: An insightful and powerful way to build trust and productivity in teams.

Committed Conversations: Building collective capacity to have conversations that move value through the business.

Bigger Thinking: Engaging with the challenges that are going to make a difference for your organisation, your team and yourself.

Team development

Build winning teams: Coaching-led development for teams searching for exceptional results in 2020. Integrated individual and team development.

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