Building winning teams

Success for leaders, teams and organisations boils down to effective communication.
That relies on 3 factors:

Building & maintaining trust & relationship currency.

The skill & confidence to have productive conversations.

Seeing the world around you in more productive ways.

The Propeller Approach

X-Ray Vision

When you understand more about how people are wired, you can get the best from yourself and others. I’ll help you develop a kind of X-Ray Vision for building better relationships.

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Committed Conversations

You’ll reframe how you see your team and connect and collaborate in new ways. What you’ll need next is the knowledge and confidence to have better conversations more of the time.

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Bigger Thinking

Bigger Thinking helps you gain clarity of purpose, overcome limiting beliefs, develop more useful perspectives, and gain tools for navigating an increasingly ‘complexicated’ world.

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Coaching-led development

Coaching connects to the workplace and embeds capability and confidence. Courses deepen your leadership knowledge. Team development builds trust & success together.

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Building a winning Culture

'Trust is an experienced based decision. That's why I take you on a highly supported journey that helps you build the right conditions for success.'