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Better Conversations

As a leader, success is ultimately achieved via the conversations you are able to have and facilitate.

The leadership challenge is a difficult one. It is demanding, dynamic, often chaotic and full of complexity. Leaders are required to find a balance between robust informed thinking, effective relationships, and taking timely and appropriate action. Realising both individual goals and those of the team or organisation, are largely contingent upon the quality of conversations leaders are able to have.

mattlock is a Leadership Consultancy that exists to help Leaders:


Reflection, broadening perspective, increasing options for progress, and gaining valuable insight...

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The critical factor for high performing teams is to have enough trust between them to allow for the robust conversations required to address the challenges they face…

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The art of creating an environment that provides the safety, focus and challenge required to support progress or change…

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mattlock offers in-house training and Open Programmes in three broad leadership and coaching areas…

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