Find Your Voice and Liberate Your Leadership

How to have difficult conversations that strengthen relationships and get results.


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Why do we call soft skills soft, when they can be so hard?

The good news is they are 100% learnable. Your ability to build relationships and communicate effectively is what accelerates your career. We know how to get you there.

This is for you if you are

A leader looking to up-level your own effectiveness.

A leader looking to up-level your team and the people in it.

A People/HR leader looking to up-level leaders and teams in your organisation.

Operate at the next level of leadership with confidence and clarity

  • Relate to your people

  • Have conversations that connect and move value

  • Solve the problems your organisation needs you to solve

  • 2X+ your self awareness

  • Get better results and have more fun doing it



We deconstructed what it really takes to learn to communicate well. This is how you become a Conduit rather than a Constraint for your organisation. There are three guiding parts to our process:


Build productive relationships


Have effective conversations


Approaches that get results

Just like a propeller, when the three blades work together you get propulsion. This is how you build Capability, Confidence and Credibility. It's how you find your VOICE - individually and as a team.

How we help you


  • Leadership & Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Development Programs

  • Team Development

  • Team Days & Away Days

  • Courses


Glenn Corr

Chief Operating Officer, TauRx Pharmaceuticals

We all have beliefs and behaviours which in some way hold us back. Matt has a talent for helping people to identify, understand and overcome these.

Janice Mair

Director of People, Culture & Diversity, EnQuest

Working with Matt has created the space to have a structured approach to increasing my self-awareness, developing my influencing style, and to steading my emotions with conflicting relationships.

Ben Cole

Chief Development Officer, Webgains

I directly attribute some important aspects of my growth as a leader to Matt's unique developmental toolkit and humanity.

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